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Dedicated Development Center

Dedicated Development Center

DhiiHii Labs brings the requisite technical capabilities to solve complex challenges and re-engineer products that surpass market expectations. We offer CAP (Comprehensive, Agile, Proven) approach in partnering with businesses and enabling them to focus on their core activities, while we manage all the technology-related needs.


We strongly believe in offering Engineered solution, by leveraging our multi-decade experience in delivering world-class solutions & products. We are focused on being agile in our capacity building through holistic learning and continuous improvement to ensure success for our clients. Whether you need a world-class technology team, product engineering consulting & mentorship, agile process establishment, rapid go-to-market, or an MVP launched, we are here to help.


Dedicated Development Center

  • Create custom dedicated development centers, specific to customers

  • Create a team of experienced engineers in the required domain and technology

  • Deploy Subject Matter Experts (SME) to provide technical guidance

  • Program managers to plan and manage the works

  • Limited management by Customers of team; Focus on works to be delivered

  • Set up required high-technology Labs for the works

  • Provide world-class infrastructure and work environment

Product Engineering Solutions
Software Engineering Services

Product Engineering Solutions

  • Transform Ideas into Reality

  • Protect Customer IPs

  • Product could be

    • Software Applications across multiple platforms

    • Hardware, Software and Mechanical enclosure

  • Provide solutions through product lifecycle: Prototype, Productization, Certifications and Product ready for Manufacturing

  • Develop Product Roadmap and build enhancements into Product Design


Software Engineering Services

  • Work with Engineering teams to generate clarity in specifications

  • Segregate Software, Hardware, Performance, System, Usage, and other Requirements

  • Identify technology, platforms, and tools apt for the solution

  • Design product/solution considering product roadmap

  • Build product libraries and methodologies (standards & guidelines) for project execution

  • Create acceptance test plans and acceptance test cases for all types of requirements

  • Map requirements through to test cases

  • Document throughout


Embedded Solutions 

  • Build total electronic product (Hardware and Software) Prototypes

  • Design hardware for the solution with product spec and mechanical enclosure

  • Convert legacy installations / products to new technology products

    • Build IoT solutions for RS232 or other legacy interfaces with Bluetooth / WiFi interfaces

    • Build total solutions on server side for interacting with devices

    • Build cloud applications with ML and provide online status / analysis

  • Identify platform (RTOS / Embedded OS / no OS) required for the solution

  • Develop / Customize Device Drivers as required

  • Develop Project libraries as required

  • Identify performance parameters and finetune for performance

  • Migrate OS / other software as required to target platform

  • Build test plan / cases and develop test setup

  • Shoulder total ownership of solution development and deployment

Embedded Solutions Development

Verification & Validation

  • Test Systems with ownership to ensure product functionality, user interface and robustness 

  • Automate System Testing

  • Set up systems for all types of testing – Integration Testing, System Testing, Acceptance Testing, Regression Testing, Continuous Hours Testing, Performance Testing, etc

  • Test according to ISO/IEC and IEEE Standards

  • Build Acceptance Test Plan and elaborate Acceptance Test Cases 

  • Automate test result analysis 

Veriication & Validation Solutions

Product Maintenance & Enhancements 

  • Maintain the product through version control system

  • Manage Defect Tracking System and take care of defect fixes 

  • Handle minor and major product releases

  • Enhance Product features as per product roadmap 

Product Maintenane & Enhancements

Collaborative Engineering 

  • Engage Engineers in the required domain and technology

  • Engineers are engaged for short/long term, depending on program schedules

  • Ensure engineers are motivated and committed to programs

  • Shoulder responsibilities to deliver the project/programs on schedule

Engineering Resource Augmentation
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